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:/ [Jul. 15th, 2005|11:55 pm]
[i am |lonelylonely]
[i hear |coldplay-low]

the new coldplay cd is so awesome. just, seriously go buy it. that is all
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fear not [Jun. 20th, 2005|10:48 am]
[i am |satisfiedweiner choppin time~lol dana!!]

i have returned. mostly bc myspace is for retarded emo kids that have no life and just like to take hundreds pictures of themselves in the mirror... anyways, i think my account was deleted or something... probably bc i deleted tom as my friend, oh well, he deserved it, i stand by my decision. upon deletion.... i have decided to return to my livejournal roots from whence i came!

^ i honestly dont know if that makes sense, but whateva

anyways, im kind of excited to leave for steubenville friday, but im also really not... bc i will miss my non-catholic amigos very very much. but its only for a weekend, plus, ive heard they have alot of hot, catholic, louisiana boys over there...so i will have to work my hot, catholic, texan girl magic.
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i am so badass [May. 25th, 2005|10:26 pm]
Purple Saber
You have a Purple Lightsaber.

Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
Purple denotes high spirituality and religious
aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness
and Purification. It also has a sense of
intuitive understanding and a feeling of
intimacy with the world.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
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watchin heavyweights [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:50 am]
[i am |giddygiddy]
[i hear |t.i- you dont KNOW me]

^SUCH a good movie, anyways

monica and i have found the coolest hangout spots in the whole world...the haunted house, the playground, elementary school roofs, random fields and cul de sacs, that freakin saweet treehouse by the lake.... now, adding 2 new ones to the list:

*the top of the rms water tower

*and the back church parking lot

they are only the freakin awesomest things ever in the whole entire world...ever. and if you are a (dumb,boring) jerk, and you think those places are lame... this is kingwood, there is nothing to do except drink& do drugs (and since i dont do those)... or go find really odd (but fun) places to hang out. anyways, if you havent already, you should probably check out those sweet pictures down below this entry.

they are awesome.

life is awesome.
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check this shit out [Apr. 19th, 2005|09:48 pm]
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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2005|09:01 pm]

Jill Elaine Nugent's Aliases

Your movie star name: Nutella Albert

Your fashion designer name is Jill Berlin

Your socialite name is J Atlanta

Your fly girl / guy name is J Nug

Your detective name is Panther Kingwood

Your barfly name is Thin Mint Martini

Your soap opera name is Elaine Arbor

Your rock star name is Reeses Cheetah

Your star wars name is Jilluc Nugyou

Your punk rock band name is The Hyper Nut

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im bored again [Apr. 6th, 2005|03:45 pm]
You are Tater Tots. Go get your own!!

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

sweet thats the one i wanted too..
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wooo! [Apr. 5th, 2005|02:45 pm]
[i am |bouncybouncy]
[i hear |snoop dogg feat. justin timberlake- "signs"]

my computer is alive and kickin!

so now im just sittin around trying to remember how to use a computer... and listening to a few of my fav new songs.... including this one by snoop dogg and justin timberlake...the shame....but ugh i LOVE that song
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bored [Apr. 4th, 2005|03:29 pm]
[i am |hungryhungry]
[i hear |mr. brightside-the killers]

Your dating personality profile:
You matched the following traits:

Religious - Faith matters to you. It is the foundation that you build your life upon. You trust that God has a plan for you.
Funny - You laugh often. People never accuse you of lacking a sense of humor. You don't take yourself too seriously.
Athletic - Physical fitness is one of your priorities. You find the time to work athletic pursuits into your schedule. You enjoy being active.Your date match profile:
You match with men who have following traits:

Outgoing - Shy and timid people are not who you are after. You need someone with a vibrant personality to breathe life into a relationship.
Religious - You seek someone who is grounded in faith and who possesses religious values. You believe that a religious person can enhance your life.
Adventurous - You are looking for someone who is willing to try new things and experience life to its fullest. You need a companion who encourages you to take risks and do exciting things.

Your Top Ten Traits, Ranked
1. Religious
2. Funny
3. Athletic
4. Practical
5. Romantic
6. Adventurous
7. Outgoing
8. Traditional
9. Wealthy/Ambitious
10. Liberal
Your Top Ten Match Traits, Ranked
1. Outgoing
2. Religious
3. Adventurous
4. Athletic
5. Romantic
6. Practical
7. Funny
8. Conservative
9. Traditional
10. Intellectual

well what can i say, i was bored.
and guess what? im tan. thats right. tanner than YOU rob...booyah
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and [Apr. 1st, 2005|03:42 pm]
[i am |sadstill sad]
[i hear |same]

and of all the days to die... next to like your birthday or christmas or something... april fools day would DEFINETLY be the worst.
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