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fear not [Jun. 20th, 2005|10:48 am]
[i am |satisfiedweiner choppin time~lol dana!!]

i have returned. mostly bc myspace is for retarded emo kids that have no life and just like to take hundreds pictures of themselves in the mirror... anyways, i think my account was deleted or something... probably bc i deleted tom as my friend, oh well, he deserved it, i stand by my decision. upon deletion.... i have decided to return to my livejournal roots from whence i came!

^ i honestly dont know if that makes sense, but whateva

anyways, im kind of excited to leave for steubenville friday, but im also really not... bc i will miss my non-catholic amigos very very much. but its only for a weekend, plus, ive heard they have alot of hot, catholic, louisiana boys over there...so i will have to work my hot, catholic, texan girl magic.