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watchin heavyweights [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:50 am]
[i am |giddygiddy]
[i hear |t.i- you dont KNOW me]

^SUCH a good movie, anyways

monica and i have found the coolest hangout spots in the whole world...the haunted house, the playground, elementary school roofs, random fields and cul de sacs, that freakin saweet treehouse by the lake.... now, adding 2 new ones to the list:

*the top of the rms water tower

*and the back church parking lot

they are only the freakin awesomest things ever in the whole entire world...ever. and if you are a (dumb,boring) jerk, and you think those places are lame... this is kingwood, there is nothing to do except drink& do drugs (and since i dont do those)... or go find really odd (but fun) places to hang out. anyways, if you havent already, you should probably check out those sweet pictures down below this entry.

they are awesome.

life is awesome.